ITS Hosted Personal Websites

SITNet ID account holders can create a web directory or folder to store files that are accessible from the web. To access one's web space please use:

Files that are web accessible can be sent as web links within the body of email messages rather than as email attachments. Committee members and department members can use web links to share files with colleagues rather than sending e-mail attachments. The public_html folder is also were personal web pages are located.

To manage one's personal website, there are two options:

SFTP / Command Line via s

Please use the following settings in the ftp program of choice Files should be placed under the public_html/ directory in order to be web accessible.

  • Host:
  • Protocol: sftp://
  • Port: 22
  • In FTP programs supporting urls the following will work: s

Windows Explorer via

  1. Navigate to: in a broswer
  2. Login with a valid sitnetid and password
  3. Click the 'File Sharing' icon
  4. Files should be placed under the public_html/ directory in order to be web accessible.


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