Accessing Your Files on the Internet

Web pages named index.htm or index.html that are located in the public_html folder have the web address (URL) (replace UserID with your SITNet ID username). To give someone access to a file in your public_html folder, put its URL in the body of an email message. NOTE: Make sure that the files in your public_html folder are free of viruses before sending them to anyone.

Web address (URL) examples

SITNet ID File in public_html URL
brownd2 index.htm
doej big_news.doc
howardo minutes.doc

Web address (URL) of files in public_html subdirectories

SITNet ID Subdirectory File Name URL
howardo shows proj5.ppt
brownd2 pics/labs g161.jpeg
doej art102 project-1.html

A foolproof method to avoid mistyping the URL in an email message is to copy it from the browser and paste it into the body of the email message. Instructions to do this are:

  1. Establish your Internet connection.
  2. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).
  3. Enter the web address and press Enter. A "404 File Not Found" error will be displayed if the address is incorrect.
  4. Correct the address and bring up the file.
  5. Right click on the web address and select Copy.
  6. Bring up a new message in your email.
  7. Click in the body of the message and paste the URL using Edit/ Paste or Ctrl+V.

Additional Comments

Some e-mail systems display web addresses as clickable links in the composer and some will not. If you are concerned that the web address is not an active link, send the message to yourself first to check it.

An address that looks like U:\public_html\filename is using the smbserver mapping location rather than the web address. Smbserver mapping locations are not accessible by others. Convert it to the web address by replacing U:\public_html\ with For example, jonest5's smbserver mapping to the file project.doc is Z:\public_html\project.doc. It is changed to the web address


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