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Our two unique campuses offer a rich student life that complements SUNY Poly’s unique hands-on approach to learning in a wide range of fields.

Preparation for Lifelong Achievement
There’s never been a better time to join the SUNY Poly family. Looking to innovate using SUNY Poly’s state-of-the-art resources, part of its high-tech ecosystem? You can. Want top-ranked faculty? They’re at the top of their game and will be teaching you. Want an on-site internship? SUNY Poly’s on- and off-site partners are here while you earn your degree, and they offer high-quality jobs as soon as you graduate. 

And SUNY Poly is about so much more. Nationally recognized sports teams. SUNY Poly events that bring the world to you. The chance to build friendships that last a lifetime as you explore SUNY Poly’s student clubs. Comfortable living as part of the on- or off-site community. It’s all part of SUNY Poly’s DNA, and the road to becoming a SUNY Poly alum can begin today, by connecting with Admissions, checking out the next Open House, and imagining yourself ready to start your journey at orientation.

Educational Outreach in local community

We offer a wide range of academic programs.

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