College of Nanoscale Sciences

Unmatched preparation for interdisciplinary careers in research, development, deployment, and education at the convergence of medicine and life science

SUNY Poly’s College of Nanoscale Sciences serves as the premier global resource for training in nanoscience to enable a new, ultra-qualified workforce capable of driving innovations in nanotechnology and focuses on teaching the principles, practices, and research paradigms of nanoscience. Students receive unmatched preparation for interdisciplinary careers in research, development, deployment, and education at the convergence of medicine and life science with nanoscale science and engineering.

A Next-Generation Education

The College of Nanoscale Sciences’ educational philosophy centers on creating innovative curricula that ensure student success and provide students with immersive and engaging experiential learning opportunities. The curriculum embraces project-based learning, applied learning, field studies, simulations, case studies, and evidence-based learning to provide students with a powerful edge based on real experience. 

Skills for Success in Emerging Nano-Focused Fields

SUNY Poly’s CNS aims to train the next-generation of high-achieving scientists. The college takes a unique approach to education, enabling the pursuit of scientific, technical, or professional careers in emerging nanotechnology-focused fields or competitive graduate degrees in current and emerging nanoscale science or nanoscale engineering, biotechnology and related fields, and other physical sciences such as materials science, physics, and chemistry. Here, there is a laser-like focus on providing systematic fundamental knowledge and experimental skills. Students also gain the ability to engage in lifelong independent learning, creativity, and innovation, and to make ethical, meaningful contributions to the challenges faced by an increasingly global and technology-based society.

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SUNY Poly graduate holding sign that says she has been accepted to Duke University

Leading-Edge Research

World-class, ever expanding research in nanoscience and nanobioscience. Exciting student research opportunities right from the start. The goal--to drive overall success, including career-readiness in either the public or private sectors, with research, development, commercialization, and deployment opportunities catalyzed by SUNY Poly’s globally recognized facilities and its numerous high-tech corporate partners. 

The Tools for Progress

SUNY Poly’s 1.65 million square foot Albany NanoTech Complex is home to its College of Nanoscale Sciences. It’s also the home to billions of dollars in nanoscience-focused investments, the most advanced 200mm/300mm wafer facilities in the academic world, and nine bio-laboratories which are equipped for chemistry, tissue culture, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, toxicology, stem cell technology, and cell-device integration. The ‘open format laboratory style’ promotes interactions between PIs, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students with shared expertise and equipment. Faculty and students have access to leading edge tools in metrology, lithography--including EUV lithography--and front-end-of-line and back-end-of-line processing. Qualified instructors and trained technicians help students and faculty master the tools and equipment and carry out their own experiments.  

Driving Opportunities

Further strengthening the student experience is SUNY Poly’s ongoing partnerships with industry leaders in nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanobioscience, and nanomedicine. These critical partnerships include those with globally recognized corporations that have world-class capabilities, such as IBM, Tokyo Electron, Applied Materials, KLA Tencor, GE Global Research, Regeneron, and Albany Molecular Research, just to name a few.

Inspiring Faculty

Academic and research excellence at SUNY Poly relies on having experienced, dedicated, and internationally recognized experts in multiple fields working together. SUNY Poly’s CNS is committed to its world-class faculty who are well respected in a wide range of nanoscale-centered disciplines. Combined with small class sizes and a hands-on approach to learning, faculty members at SUNY Poly’s CNS are ready to provide the critical knowledge, skillsets, and support for a lifetime of innovation-based career options.    

View the SUNY Poly CNS Faculty Research Report (PDF)

Boasting World-Class Scholarship

The ‘Born to Educate + Innovate’ ideal in action: SUNY Poly CNS faculty research resulted in more than 400 peer reviewed publications since 2010 in key research journals. Since 2011, the faculty was invited to provide nearly 300 presentations at international conferences and top universities. The College also leads the Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery and Exploration which is one of three Centers funded by the Semiconductor Research Corporation. And graduate students attending the college have a stellar success rate for finding employment in both industry and academia. 

Alain Diebold, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the College of Nanoscale Science


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